Soaring Spirit Designs
Hey there! I’m Tricia, the creator and owner of Endless Possibilities and now Soaring Spirit Designs.
Over 10 years ago, I started my small business as Endless Possibilities and began making boho style jewelry.  I was drawn to the beauty of natural gemstones and the uniqueness they offer.  No two stones are alike and that fueled my desire to create one-of-a-kind pieces.
As my business grew and I turned to e-commerce, I realized that creating a website of one-of-a-kind designs was quickly becoming overwhelming.  As an anxiety sufferer, I didn’t need any assistance with overwhelm.  I was an overachiever in that department already.
Life progressed, as did my anxiety and depression. Throughout my entire life when faced with challenges, I have turned to inspirational quotes. 
As I got older, I also focused on the beauty of nature; small simple things that can interrupt a negative mind.  I learned that stepping outside for a walk (getting a dog helped with this) or a simple deep breath of fresh air can calm my anxiety and will often ease the downward spiral.
Soaring Spirit Designs was born right before our lives were disrupted with COVID. And now more than ever, I see a society riddled with anxiety and depression.  But I also see a greater appreciation for a friendly smile or a simple compliment.
It is my belief that the smallest things can make the biggest impact on a bad day. An inspirational t-shirt can unite strangers in the grocery store.  A meaningful necklace worn on a difficult day can serve as a talisman, a lucky charm, for the wearer.  Or simply reminding people about the miracles of nature in things we see every day that we take for granted.  Any one of these subtle reminders can break a cycle of negativity.
It is my hope that what I’m creating makes a positive impact in someone’s life.